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Managing Users and Roles

Creating users and roles allows you to manage who can access Vault. You can also create different roles that restrict or allow access to certain functionalities. For example, you might have a member of your team that only needs to look at scheduling Backup operation for a Sandbox but should never be able to perform Restore operation in Vault.

A. Creating and editing roles

You must assign at least one role to each user, with specific role permissions granted to each role. If a user has multiple roles, the role with the greatest permissions trumps any others assigned.
To create or edit a role:

B. Creating users

To create a new user:

C. Editing users

After you’ve created a user, you can change most of their information and permissions. While you can't edit the "Email Address" associated with a user, you can change remaining fields.
To edit a user:

D. Suspending users

If you have Manage Users permissions, you can suspend users. Suspended users can be reactivated later when required.

E. Resetting user passwords

In general, you’ll only need to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it, but there are some cases where resetting your password can help protect the security of your account. We recommend resetting your password in these cases:
If you have not requested to reset your password and you receive an email asking you to change it, it could be a case of phishing. Instead of clicking on a suspect link in an email, log into your account to reset your password there.
Password requirements:
New passwords must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be at least 8 characters
  • Must include at least 1 letter, 1 number and 1 upper case character
  • Can't be one of the last 3 previously used passwords
  • Must not include & > < ' " characters