View the list of backup scheduled for your Salesforce Org

An essential part of a backup and recovery strategy is managing backups after you create them.

A. To view the Backup History

  • Once you are logged in Vault, click on "Backup" Tab from the homepage page.
  • Select the Salesforce Org and configuration of your choice and click on Get Details. The backup activities that are defined and run till date will get displayed.
  • The backups will get listed with latest backup on the top and will be divided based on the backup status i.e., completion or is still in-progress.
  • For each Backup, the following information is displayed:
  • Label: An identification name for each backup performed in Vault
  • Configuration Name: Backup configuration name
  • Date/Time: Date and time stamp for backup
  • Duration: Time taken to complete the backup operation
  • Metadata: Total number of metadata components backed up
  • Records: Total numbers of records backed up
  • Api Calls: Api call duration (in seconds)
  • Metadata Backup: Backup type for metadata components i.e., Full backup or Incremental backup
  • Data Backup: Backup type for data components i.e., Full backup or Incremental backup
  • Status: Status of the backup i.e., completed, in-progress or failed
  • Actions:
  • Backup Summary Report: Click on icon to view the summary info for the backup perfromed. The report will contain the list of both success and failed components for the backup triggered as shown below.
  • View Log: Click on the icon to see the log information for the backup triggered.
  • Download Backup Report: Click on icon and specify the email address to receive the downloadable link and save the backup report in your local machine.

    B. Graphical representation of Backups

    Click on the icon at the top right corner of the screen to view the backup records in graphical representation.

C. On-Demand Backup

  • Run an on-demand backup before the scheduled backup by clicking on the Backup Now button.
  • In the Start Backup screen, enter the below details:
  • Backup Label: The label name is auto-populated, however you have the option to edit the label name and enter your the label you desired.
  • Select Configuration: Choose the Backup label from the list.
  • Backup Type: Choose the backup type (Incremental/Full) for both data and metadata components and click on Backup.