Getting Started for Admins

If you are the Vault administrator, you have the ability to do additional functions behind the scenes that other users may not be able to do. This Getting Started for Admins section was designed to help with the initial setup of your system.

Step 1: Setting up Storage Environment

Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions on configuring a storage Environment.

Step 2: Adding and granting access to New Users

Adding a new user is dependent on the number of licenses that are a part of your system, and you will need to add the user as well as grant them access to the Vault modules based on their requirements.
Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions on adding a new user.

Step 3: Managing Roles

Depending on the size of the development team and the project requirements, each team member can have a specific role or multiple roles and responsibilities. (Learn More)

Step 4: Manage User Permissions

The admin can add custom permission level to a user within an organization. This helps to define who can do what for Vault core features and contributed modules. (Learn More)